Off the Peg Power Hours

Training session in front of a laptop

What on earth are Off the Peg Power Hours, I hear you cry? Well, basically they’re Power Hours that are ready-made. My standard Power Hour service is 100% tailored to your individual training needs and created from scratch. Off the Peg Power Hours are training sessions I already have on file or can easily adapt. They only need a few tweaks and updates to deliver to new clients – which makes them cheaper and quicker to arrange! Prices start from just £79.

Why book an Off the Peg Power Hour?

Apart from costing less, they cover a wide range of popular marketing communications and digital marketing topics. Often, busy people like company owners want to know more about subjects like these quickly and in a short space of time, i.e., one hour. As such, they’re not especially in-depth. But they do deliver the nuts and bolts of the topic in question and give you all the ‘need to know’ essentials.

And if you want to know more, you can of course follow up with some bespoke training or coaching that goes into more detail and is fully tailored to your business needs. Alternatively, you could book a series of Off the Peg Power Hours covering linked topics, to give yourself an overview across a range of key subject areas – perfect for start-ups and SMEs with a smaller training budget.

How do Off the Peg Power Hours work?

Each Off the Peg Power Hour is based around an interactive PowerPoint presentation, which I’ll email to you after the session. There’ll be a mixture of me talking, video clips, discussion points, quick-fire quizzes and maybe a short activity. Even though the session is off the peg, the discussion points in particular mean we can still tailor the topic to cover some of your individual challenges, pain points and learning needs.

At the end of each session, there’ll be links to free online resources such as articles and webinars, which you can use to deepen your learning. Other resources which I have on file, such as e-books and planning templates, can be emailed to you afterwards. We’ll also discuss whether you’d like to do some more training with me, either as an Off the Peg or standard Power Hour, or something different like a workshop or seminar.

Which topics are available?

There are lots of subject areas to choose from. Here are some of them:

  • Introduction to copywriting
  • Introduction to content marketing
  • Introduction to social media
  • Handling negative situations on social media
  • Writing website content
  • Business writing and AI
  • SEO – managing your local presence
  • Introduction to SEM
  • Storyboarding and scriptwriting
  • Writing compelling email campaigns
  • Writing perfect press releases
  • Tone of voice and house style

Who are Off the Peg Power Hours suitable for?

The sessions are aimed at business owners and employed team members looking to upskill themselves in specific areas. Most Off the Peg Power Hours are conducted on a 1-2-1 basis. This is great, as I can focus all my attention on your personal business challenges and learning needs, within the scope of the ready-made structure.

However, Off the Peg Power Hours also work very well with a handful of attendees, as you can bounce ideas off each other and get your heads together on any group activities included in the session. So, if you’re a member of a small team or run a small business, why not ask some of your colleagues to attend with you? I offer a discounted rate when two or more people from the same business attend the same Off the Peg Power Hour.

How much does an Off the Peg Power Hour cost?

For a single delegate, the cost is just £99. For two or more delegates, the price per person is just £79. I suggest a maximum of four delegates per Power Hour, as more than that can make the session less valuable for each person, given the limited time. If you’d like to train more than four people, I recommend booking a longer workshop with me instead – please see the Coaching page of my website for details.

So, what do you get for your money?

You get an interactive training session, updated with the latest information around your chosen topic. For example, if we’re talking about social media, the teaching presentation will be updated in advance with the latest trends and statistics to help you select the best platforms for your business and use them to maximum advantage.

As noted above, I’ll also send you the slide deck after the meeting, plus any relevant resources I have on file. And you’ll have linked resources, too, which I’ll have researched and checked out to make sure they’re up to date and genuinely useful.

There’s no official accreditation for Off the Peg Power Hours, but if you’d like a Certificate of Attendance for your records, I can easily arrange this for you.

Why choose Black & Write for your training?

As a qualified and experienced trainer and marketing communications professional, I know my stuff. With over 15 years of freelancing under my belt, more than five of which have included teaching apprentices and training corporate clients, you can be sure your training is in safe hands.

If you’d like references from clients and / or training providers I work with, or have worked with in the recent past, just let me know. I can also provide testimonials and feedback from former learners.

Book your Off the Peg Power Hour today

For the full list of Off the Peg Power Hours currently available, please get in touch. If your preferred topic isn’t on the list, I can still offer you a standard Power Hour, but it will be at the bespoke rate. This varies by subject area, so please contact me for details and to discuss your requirements.