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Website copy's something of a law unto itself. Of all the different types of sales copy, it's probably the hardest to write - and the hardest to get right! That's why it's crucial that your website content is written by a trained, qualified professional who knows what they're doing.

A web presence that works couldn't be easier with Black & WriteBlack & Write has a wealth of experience of writing, rewriting and copy editing website content that's:

  • Search engine optimised with the right key words and phrases, so prospective customers can find your site quickly and easily
  • Relevant and engaging to the target audience, so they stay on your site and don't click away
  • Concise and well-written, so your message gets across loud and clear
  • Packed with benefits, so the reader understands why they should use your company and no one else's
  • Well-signposted, so your customers can navigate the site easily and know how to contact you for more details.

A flexible and cost-effective website copywriting service

As well as excellent copy, you'll get lots more for your money when you ask us to work on your website content. Whether we're writing copy from scratch, rewriting existing content or simply copy editing your text for clarity, the quoted price always includes:

  • An appropriate amount of research and/or background reading
  • Up to two sets of amendments after the first draft has been submitted

And, if required:

  • Researching, identifying and incorporating relevant key words and phrases into the copy.

But that's not all. If your website is new, or you're revamping your existing site, we can also create a site structure to present your information logically and in a way that's easy to navigate. With our IT partner, Black Dot, we also offer flexible website packages to meet all your copywriting, design, development and hosting needs under one roof.

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