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Think you know the English language inside out? Try my fun grammar quiz to find out if you're a grammatical genius or a linguistic loser.

Click here for the answers - no cheating now! And if you disagree with any of them, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . I'm always up for a tussle on my specialist subject!

1. The apostrophe – spot the errors.

a)    Barrys going to the Drayton’s for lunch.
b)    The clown went to six childrens’ parties.
c)    “Its intolerable!” shouted Bryan.
d)    The dog raised its paw and woofed.

2. Why would some people disapprove of the below language?

a)    To boldly go
b)    It started badly. But it was all right in the end.
c)    He bought lettuces, leeks, potatoes, and cauliflower.
d)    Johnsons are a big dry cleaning company

3. Which word in red is the correct one to use (in the UK)?

a)    I do 10 hours of piano practice / practise every day.
b)    “You’re / Your kidding!” she shouted.
c)    The man came to read the gas metre / meter.
d)    The medicine had a strong effect / affect.

4. Spot where the capital letter is used incorrectly.

a)    I wrote to the Bank Manager about it.
b)    “I am the Health & Safety Manager,” he said.
c)    It was a harsh Winter.
d)    Mr Jones was Very Cross indeed.

5. Which word sounds right, but looks wrong?

a)    The girl had a fear of speaking allowed.
b)    The team took off there smelly socks.
c)    He gave his ascent readily.
d)    George talked about Debussy in his French aural test.

6. Choose the correct spelling.

a)    Accomodation / acommodation / accommodation
b)    Achieve / acheive
c)    Necessary / necesary / necsesary
d)    Liason / liaison 

Added: May 2012 by Faye Stenson